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Friday, January 20, 2012

Was Megaupload bad for the creative industries? | Loz Kaye and Frances Moore Comment |


Short Excerpt from full post here:

Loz Kaye "We all – pirates and artists – have an interest in a properly functioning and free internet. Last year 70% of the total volume of British music sales were digital. The BPI would do well to remember that its future income is dependant on the very people it is currently antagonising.

It's time for a real debate to open, and name calling to stop. It's time for policy and law based on evidence, not lobbying. Over this week many found that "piracy" is not just a cultural, but also a political issue. Megaupload claimed 150 million users. 150 million pirates? Maybe. But remember, it could well be 150 million voters too."

• Loz Kaye is leader of the Pirate party UK

Read Frances Moore's response here:

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