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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Disruptive Trends from the Floor of CES 2012, by UPSTREAM - Core77


ORIGINAL Post by core jr. 18 Jan 2012: on

"The International CES 2012, as it does every year, presented an enormous array of gadgets, technology innovations and a feeding frenzy of consumer electronics commerce.

But looking above the fray of the convention floors, we see several disruptors to shape the macro trends of the coming years. Major technology and consumer behavior shifts are emerging that are changing the business of consumer electronics, media and entertainment and digital-online media. As social and mobile adoption mainstreams for consumers and marketers, new platforms, technology and media will emerge shaped by these fundamental disruptors:

APPIFICATION: The term "product" is evolving as mobile, online and tablet applications open up a new market for entrepreneurs, brands and businesses to create new services, utility and enhancements to existing products.

POST-SOCIAL WORLD: Social media and social networks, having reached mainstream, become less of a point of focus and integrate into consumer and marketer toolbox. New space races will emerge from combined social, mobile, local and digital enabled products that are accessed in new ways via tablets, ubiquitous smartphones and portable ultrabooks.

UBIQUITOUS CONTENT & DATA: Data is everywhere and content can be accessed in multiple forms. This overwhelming choice and abundance of invisible data collection is presenting opportunities and obstacles for people and brands to filter through clutter to get better information, more product and service relevance, and new social connections while retaining trust in providers and a promise of privacy...."

Read the full article to catch what's trending

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