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Monday, August 1, 2011

Props to Bjork! Bjork trusts pirates to take 'Biophilia' cross-platform (Wired UK) #infdist


By Duncan Geere, 29 July 11

"Bjork's latest album, Biophilia comes in the form of several apps, but they're only accessible on iOS devices. The singer wants software pirates to make it more widely available.

She told Drowned in Sound that the apps had been specifically designed so that they could be easily ported to other platforms -- like Symbian, BlackBerry and Android. "We really made sure when we wrote all the programs that they will transfer to other systems."

DiS asked whether opting for an iOS-only development policy conflicted with her and the project's proclaimed "punk values", and she replied: "Yeah, for sure, there's definitely another polarity there, a conflict. The only solution for me was to somehow be some sort of a 'Kofi Annan' and try and make these two worlds speak to each other."

"I'm not supposed to say this, probably, but I'm trusting that the pirates out there won't tie their hands behind their back."..."

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