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Friday, August 12, 2011

Nice Post! 8 comic book movie viral campaigns that rocked | via memeburn

7. Kick-Ass
This film, which drew its inspiration from an independent Mark Miller comic was not only shot on a budget, but received a thrifty viral marketing campaign — as with all the best campaigns, it managed to effectively raise sufficient levels of hype in a relatively short space of time. An assortment of videos attempted to show how there could be superheros in real life and this was done by placing actors in the Kick-Ass suit and making them run through random cities, such as this one in Berlin:

8. Cowboys and Aliens
Rounding off our collection of online viral marketing methods is this off-the-wall offering from Cowboys and Aliens. The makers of the movie teamed up with TelegramStop to offer five free emails to telegrams. This was performed by using a special promotion code which was taken from their Twitter feed or from their official website. In order to complete the cycle of viral marketing, the telegram included the release date of the film as well as branding and images of the two main actors, Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford. The cost is normally US$6 to send, but Cowboys and Aliens managed to cover the cost of all deliveries

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