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Friday, August 12, 2011

Nice! 20 digitally-enhanced, cross-platform, multi-media, transmedia storytelling projects (via Aleks Krotoski)

The next few links are from Tim Wright, co-creator of Online Caroline (above), aka @moongolfer:

Paul is Dead (1998)

From FacerEZine:

Rather than relying solely on words to convey the story, users had to click on images to reveal information. Upon entering the site, you would have been introduced to Linda, a writer for a leading national rock magazine. Linda was researching the mysterious death of Paul Lomo, the lead singer of a new wave band in the early 1980s. Animated images led you though the story of the band, its members, and its rise and fall from stardom. Click on the correct image, and you could have read reviews of Paul’s’ records or heard the music. Click on band members, and you could have received information from each of their perspectives. Linda’s research notes provided clues to people around the band, and also led you to the letters she received from a fan who believed he knew the real truth behind Paul’s death.

The Ocular Effect (2006)

An Alternate Reality Game that supported the made-for-TV movie, Fallen, on the US network ABC in 2006. Created by Xenophile Media.

Dubplate Drama (2005, Channel 4)

The worlds first interactive television drama, where the viewer decides the plot

Kate Modern (2007, Bebo)

“the sister series of lonelygirl15” says Wikipedia

Shunt (ongoing, London)

Their website says:

Shunt is a collective of artists creating and curating live performance in unusual locations within London.

About Shunt, Tim says:

the mix of theatre, site specifics, rpg & webby stuff has always excited/inspired

Tim also recommends The Who, What, Where, Why and How of Cross-Media slideshow by Christy Dena.

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