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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Great post on educational-origami - 21st Century Pedagogy - obvious cross-disciplinary relevance!


Long post & detailed - here's an excerpt:

The key features of 21st Century Pedagogy are:

- building technological, information and media fluencies[Ian Jukes]
- Developing thinking skills
- making use of project based learning
- using problem solving as a teaching tool
- using 21st C assessments with timely, appropriate and detailed feedback and reflection
- It is collaborative in nature and uses enabling and empowering technologies
- It fosters Contextual learning bridging the disciplines and curriculum areas
- Knowledge

Knowledge does not specifically appear in the above diagram. Does this mean that we do not teach content or knowledge? Of course not. While a goal we often hear is for our students to create knowledge, we must scaffold and support this constructivist process. The process was aptly describe in a recent presentation by Cisco on Education 3.0 [Michael Stevenson VP Global Education Cisco 2007]

We need to teach knowledge or content in context with the tasks and activities the students are undertaking. Our students respond well to real world problems. Our delivery of knowledge should scaffold the learning process and provide a foundation for activities. As we know from the learning pyramid content delivered without context or other activity has a low retention rate...."

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