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Monday, January 2, 2012

Woot! CFC production launching: Toronto web series inspired by viral dancing inmate video


Excerpt from The Toronto Star:

"Prison Dancer, a musical web series inspired by the 49-million-times-viewed (and counting) video of Filipino prisoners doing the routine to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” just wrapped production in Toronto.

Producer Ana Serrano says they have big hopes and dreams for this project. The web series was created and directed by Romeo Candido (Lolo’s Child), who co-wrote it with Carmen De Jesus. Serrano says she became interested in the project when she discovered Prison Dancer when it was a play. It had a script reading as part of the Fu-Gen Asian Theatre festival.

“When I saw the play’s read through, I immediately thought this is the property that I was looking for a long time. When producers are looking to create something, they’re looking for that meaty property that can work across multiple platforms,” she says. “This was a bit like original video, the Dancing Inmates of Cebu. It kind of came out of nowhere. I mean no one ever expected that to be one of the five most successful viral videos of all time. But it still is to this day.”

The web series is filmed in mockumentary style over 12 five- to eight-minute long webisodes, and is told from the point of view of Matt, a web culture journalist who starts to look into the lives of the inmates who became YouTube sensations..."

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