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Friday, January 6, 2012

I Like this Distinction: Why Bounded Crowdsourcing is Important for Crisis Mapping and Beyond | iRevolution


Just stumbled on this blog & I like Patrick Meier's distinction:

"Open crowdsourcing or “unbounded crowdsourcing” refers to the collection of information with no intentional constraints. Anyone who hears about an effort to crowdsource information can participate. This definition is inline with the original description put forward by Jeff Howe: outsourcing a task to a generally large group of people in the form of an open call.

In contrast, the point of “bounded crowdsourcing” is to start with a small number of trusted individuals and to have these individuals invite say 3 additional individuals to join the project–individuals who they fully trust and can vouch for. After joining and working on the project, these individuals in turn invite 3 additional people they fully trust. And so on and so forth at an exponential rate if desired. Just like crowdsourcing is nothing new in the field of statistics, neither is “bounded crowdsourcing”; it’s analog being snowball sampling..."

I'm bookmarking this blog - thank you, Patrick!

Read the full post & others here:

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