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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Via New World Notes: Duran Duran Incorporates Second Life Machinima In Their Live Concerts - Smart Mass Market Use of SL

Looks like the machinima was shot in Duran Duran's official island in SL, which finally opened last Summer after a delay of several years. This is a really smart and effective use of Second Life -- instead of just creating a site in SL, which will only attract a few thousand fans at most, extract the coolest visuals and integrate them with your live show, your music videos, and so on. Then you have hundreds of thousands or even millions of fans interacting with content created in SL. It's likely most people in the crowd at these concerts don't even know it came from SL, and will just remember it as "the cool 3D animation in the background", and that's fine too.

Now watch Duran Duran playing "The Reflex" accompanied by dozens of random dancing and exploding avatars:


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