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Monday, October 17, 2011

All Apologies: Netflix Vs. RIM In A Mea Culpa Matchup | Fast Company #infdist



Not long ago Netflix CEO Reed Hastings had to apologize for something unusual and unpleasant; he dropped the ball in terms of matching the needs and desires of a huge number of his company's customers. In case you've been living under a mountain of DVDs and missed the rumpus, it all started with the odd decision to separate the firm's DVD-rental and streaming content businesses, and the oddball choice of the new businesses' name, Qwikster.

In his blog post offering a personal apology, Hastings set straight to work to explain why the "DVD" (the word was used 22 times) are important to both the future of Netflix (11 uses) and its "members" (8 uses). "Streaming" (13 uses) is equally so, he claimed. The decisions were made about "our" (18 uses) service (15 uses) and systems though, Hastings accented, not for the convenience of "you" (7 uses) and "yours" (1 use).

Qwikster (10 uses) and (2 uses)--a name already well-occupied by a frequent Twitterer not affiliated with Netflix--was an interesting choice. And while it's usually good that a company "changes" (3 uses), the decision may have been an "error" (1 use).

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