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Monday, October 17, 2011

Nice Feature: Robot to Begin Cross-Continental Adventure Next Week - Joan Ganz Cooney Center

Excerpt from original post by Allison Mishkin:

"imagination, fueling the resources needed to inspire better scores: creativity and passion.

Starting Monday, October 17, two classrooms of students --one in Montreal and one in Los Angeles -- must work together to return a lost robot to its home in Outer Space (actually, Los Angeles) by October 28. The classes will work together, sending clues to one another as they guide the robot from its "crash-landing" in Montreal to the classroom in Los Angeles. The students will combine creative writing, geography, math, and science and more in trying to navigate the robot home. Wherever their minds take the robot, filmmakers and photographers will follow, documenting the robot's struggle as it travels across North America. Upon completion, the robot will board an actual rocket with a camera, allowing students and viewers across the world to watch its journey home. The creators hope that the students will come away in awe of just how far technology, creativity, and imagination can travel...."

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