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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Love: Bjork Talks About How Nature Inspired Her New, High-Tech Album - Jason Richards - Entertainment - The Atlantic


Excerpt from a great long interview:

"Between your work on Volta, Mount Wittenburg Orca with Dirty Projectors, and now Biophilia, it seems like your music has become more earth-conscious in the past few years. Why is nature a theme that is important to you in this phase of your career?

Bjork: "Nature has always been important to me. It has always been in my music. In Reykjavik, Iceland, where I was born, you are in the middle of nature surrounded by mountains and ocean. But you are still in a capital in Europe. So I have never understood why I have to choose between nature or urban. Perhaps it is just a different reality, perhaps people that live in cities abroad only experience nature for two weeks a year in their holiday, and then they experience it as some trip to Disneyland or something. That it isn't real. I have noticed the magazine shelves in cities have like music papers, porn and then like [National Geographic] describing some lost Utopian world people will never get to see... Sorry, don't mean to get defensive, but you city folks are the odd ones, not us. Nature hasn't gone anywhere. It is all around us, all the planets, galaxies and so on. We are nothing in comparison..."

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