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Sunday, October 30, 2011

ZOETRAP: Alternate Reality Game (Games) StoryWorld Conference app & game


iOS iPhone
Prepare to experience a spine-tingling supernatural game at the Storyworld Conference 2011.

It’s Halloween in San Francisco, evil’s lurking in the city & you’re a Paranormal Investigator. Occultist & transmedia producer Oliver Drew has mysteriously disappeared & you’ve got his phone, but there’s a catch - it’s haunted.. Read strange emails, listen to creepy voicemails & find clues to break the hex on his secret documents; but, be warned: a wicked & terrifying force is calling.

Will you answer the phone? Can you save Oliver’s soul? Dare you take a spin with death?

- Wear headphones for horror

* A three-day horror ride through the spirit world to find Oliver Drew
* Decipher his private emails, SMS messages and documents
* Listen to his chilling voicemails
* See who he follows on Twitter
* Scan QR codes to reveal maps & spooky hidden content
* Take freaky calls from ghosts & phantoms
* Discover frightening video & audio content with intense effects
* Access a Storyworld Conference 2011 timetable with a twist
* Solve clues to break in to the hexed documents folder
* Find out what’s behind the mysterious cursed zoetrope
* Inject fear into your conference experience & compete for a chance to decide Oliver’s fate

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