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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Werner Herzog Says Independent Film Is a Myth (and 7 More Good Ideas From the FIND Forum Keynote) - indieWIRE



Independent film is a myth, but self reliance is real. “I’m not an advocate [of independent film],” Herzog said. “I don’t believe there is such a thing as independent cinema. It exists only for your last Christmas video or your beach party in Cancun. That’s independent cinema. All the rest is dependent on money, on distribution systems.”

However, he acknowledges that “There are degrees of dependent film. In the studio system, you can’t change a screenplay unless there’s a boardroom decision that the line can be modified. It’s more self reliance. Look for self reliance. For my first eight films, I used a camera I’d actually stolen. If you have your own production company, your own distribution company, you have a certain amount of self reliance. The tools are inexpensive. You can do a feature for $10,000.”

While Herzog no longer relies on stolen goods, he’s increasingly interested in controlling more of the filmmaking process. “I’ve started getting into producing films again,” he said. “I’m raising money outside the United States and I hold all rights except for North America. A year ago, I went to MIPCOM and you have 10,000, 11,000 sales people from TV stations all over the world. A director hardly ever shows up. And everybody knew there was a new film by Herzog and everybody knew to look out for the booth of the salespeople. I would like to take control of distribution. it’s not easy, but maybe I’m going to found a distribution company.”

Make mistakes. “I accept all my errors and my films are full of them. Just accept it: The child has a squint. This child has a stutter; this one has a limp. I love them even more for it; I accept them as they are.”

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