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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

(OMG I thought this was Bad Seeds...) Nick Cave's "Sound Suits": Stunning, Wearable Art For Modern Witch Doctors | Co. Design

Nick Cave’s Soundsuits are made out of stuffed animals, sock monkeys, beanie babies, twigs, and thousands and thousands of buttons. And yes, you can wear them.

The group of six-foot-tall figures currently on view at Mary Boone Gallery are one part Abominable Snowman and one part Mardi Gras Indian, while the seven additional figures covered in buttons and sequins and connected by a cape look like the most fantastic tuba section every assembled. These “Soundsuits,” by the artist Nick Cave, are elaborate wearable sculptures made out of random materials like sticks, stuffed animals, sequins, and sock monkeys.

“It’s the materials that provide that impulse for me,” Cave tells Co.Design. “I may pass a beanie baby for 10 years, and then just one day, whoa, I’m vibing with something.” Cave, who runs the fashion department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, also has to take quantity into account. “I have to have a large volume of what I need to use.”

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