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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Olivia Solon on The future of sex: Ctrl-Shift-O for orgasm (Wired UK) The iOrgasm?


"In the future we may be able to wear electronic circuits on our skin, which can record signals from our nervous system during sex and allow us to replay the sensory experience at a later date, according to futurologist Ian Pearson.

Pearson describes a future (by 2030) where sensors will sophisticated enough to detect and map the collection of stimuli that create certain sensory experiences -- be it someone shaking your hand, hugging you, or having sex with you. The idea is that by stimulating your nervous system in exactly the same way -- with the appropriate pressure, warmth and motion -- you can recreate the experience. People might use this sort of technology when they are separated from their partners or, more likely, when they don't have one (which, really, would make this story more about the future of masturbation than sex).

Pearson told "We could record vast libraries of the sensory experiences of celebrity porn stars and be able to experience how they actually feel..."

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