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Thursday, October 13, 2011

AROUND THE TRANSMEDIA WORLD Full interview with Simon Staffans - laurentguerin's posterous


LG: "Best pratices for transmedia ?

SS: One thing that everyone should be looking quite heavily at is crowdfunding. I don't know if the market is saturated or not, I don't think it is yet. The crowd funding that is going on right now in all sort of fields, everything from crafting stuff to people needing money for cancer treatment, but also to stuff like transmedia projects crowd funding is a good way to A) get people to know more about what you are trying to create it's also B) a good way to build a fan base, C) a good marketing tool because if you can pitch your project to a broadcaster or to a software developer who can pay for some of it, then you can say "I've got this many people engaged already, I have this many retweets, this many Facebook comments, I have a market of sorts already and also D) It can gain you some money depending on your type of project but I've seen a lot of transmedia projects getting funded fully or a lot more than what they'd asked for in the past months. Like Adrian Hon with "Zombies, run!" for example. And many of these have people in the background who have resumes that can almost guarantee that it will be good stuff.

I’ll conclude with my favorite one sentence definition of transmedia by Andrea Philips : "A transmedia project is one in which the audience can seek out, find and consume different pieces of narrative in order to figure out what the full story is". I’ll use that one from now on. ..."

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