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Saturday, October 15, 2011

EtherFilms Taps HTML5 to Take Viewers Deeper Into Movies | Scott Thill via

    Los Angeles production house Halo-8 Entertainment is banking on nonlinear storytelling with its upcoming delivery platform EtherFilms, which will give viewers greater control over how movies and other media unfold. For example, the interactive transmedia platform might serve up an extended version of a particularly fascinating interview or let the viewer dive into a comic book mentioned in a documentary.

    Halo-8 president Matt Pizzolo.
    Image courtesy Halo-8

    Anchored in the principle that programming should be oriented around content rather than format, HTML5-based EtherFilms will integrate multimedia from past and future Halo-8 motion comics and documentaries like Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods.

    Then, it will hand the narrative controls over to the consumer.

    “EtherFilms will turn films and comics into hyperlinked worlds of story you can interactively navigate based on your interest,” Matt Pizzolo, Halo-8 president and Godkiller comic creator, told in an e-mail.

    “That means jumping from an animated film to the digital comic that tells a character’s origin or extending an interview in a documentary, or even jumping to a different documentary altogether for further insight on a topic,” he added. “So film is a just vessel through which you navigate the content world. The universe grows like a wiki, which fundamentally alters the experience of watching films or reading comics.”

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