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Monday, October 3, 2011

A Very Smart Man: AROUND THE TRANSMEDIA WORLD [GUNTHER SONNENFELD] - laurentguerin's posterousA

Excerpt from an interview with Laurent Guerin:

"...You say you work for disruptive company. What is a disruptive company ?

I think anyone who's disruptive is probably doing one of three primary things:

First, they are trying to bridge the gaps between inefficiencies in media or product design or technology.

The second thing that they do is they make connections between people that improve their lives or make them more efficient on a daily level.

And the third thing they do are things that help improve the economic environment in general and social environment in general, and I think there are some companies that do all three, I think the most progressive companies do at least two of those three things. They can be large companies, they can be Fortune 100 companies but there are also startups and companies that are mid-size or middle stage, and I’ve been fortunate enough to work with all types.

I would say that disruption is also not something that interrupts. I think disruption was viewed in the technology space for many years as a means to catch attention or grab eyeballs away from one of medium or platform to another. I don't think that's the true design of it though, I think the real design of the disruptive companies is a company that solves complex or wicked problems, and wicked problems can be those problems where there's a solution yet there's another problem or set of problems around the corner, and that's kind of the world we live in now -- it's very complex...."

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