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Monday, October 3, 2011

OMG - Downloading: Chris Ware's iPad-Only Comic, "Touch Sensitive," Perfects The Form | Co. Design


...Ware's short story, "Touch Sensitive" (co-created with game studio Spaces of Play), is about as perfect a tablet-comic visual experience as I could imagine. No irritating UI tutorials necessary: like "The Final Hours of Portal 2," Ware's app strikes a perfect balance between intuitive interaction--when in doubt, swipe from right to left--and pleasing digressions and change-ups, like when a series of pinched, postage-stamp-sized panels opens up into a gorgeous full-screen image that spills past the right edge of the frame, inviting you to pan through it cinematically. In fact, the iPad might be an even better medium for Ware's storytelling style than paper, because it provides just the slightest hint of movie-like forward momentum through his compositions without disturbing their essential, challengingly nonlinear style...

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