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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Insanely Good Archive! Coen Brothers Suite of Scripts And Movies | Grazie! Raindance

About the Coen Brothers

The children of two college professors growing up in the suburbs of Minneapolis during the revolutionary 1960s, Joel and Ethan Coen had their first flings with film when Joel used his lawn mowing money to buy a Vivitar Super 8 camera. Along with a neighborhood pal they remade movies that they saw on television, and the effects film had on their young lives is apparent in their professional work.

  The Coen Brothers continue to enthrall moviegoers because they know how to tell engaging stories that do not fit the traditional Hollywood mould. They use the conventions to their advantage instead of to their inhibition. They are unique auteurs, and according to Ethan “the movie people let us play in the corner of the sandbox and leave us alone. We're happy here.”

Long may they thrive in unmitigated inventiveness that we may study and learn from their work.

by Joel Coen (Ethan uncredited)

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