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Friday, October 7, 2011

Apps on tap | The Economist



"...Another reason why apps have proved popular is that, unlike websites, they do not need a constant connection to the internet. Instead, they are stored in mobile gadgets’ silicon memories and refreshed when a new connection is available. This also explains why they launch so much faster than software on PCs. “Apps mean that people are no longer going to be satisfied waiting for spinning hard disks on PCs to deliver what they want,” says Tim Bajarin of Creative Strategies, a consultancy.

There has been speculation that apps may fade when new websites designed to work better on mobile devices appear. But that is unlikely to happen while mobile-internet connectivity remains patchy. Fans also point out that apps are easy to create.

Most, however, are destined for obscurity. Today there are more than 425,000 apps in Apple’s online store and more than 250,000 in Google’s Android Market. Yet in a recent survey of Android-phone users in America, Nielsen, another research firm, discovered that the ten most popular apps accounted for 43% of usage and the top 50 for a whopping 61%. Admittedly, these statistics may be influenced by the pre-loading of apps for services such as Facebook and Google Maps onto many phones. But the results are still telling. Part of the problem is that there is still no reliable search engine for discovering outstanding apps. No doubt there will soon be an app for that too...."

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