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Monday, June 25, 2012

Why it's So Hard to Legally Stream New Movies Online: a Chat with MUBI Founder Efe Çakarel


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"....How to solve a problem like Mubi

Even with all this data in hand, the problem of creating a video on demand service is complex. “I realised how difficult this business is,” admits Çakarel. “It’s not just launching an app, it’s content. The film rights business is very conservative, maybe five years behind music.”

There is hope though. Companies like Netflix and Lovefilm have made headway in changing user behaviour. Today rather than having to go out and buy or rent a film or television series, viewers are demanding access at home or on the move, direct to their devices. Çakarel feels that this shift is one of the ways in which doors can open to innovation around content on demand.

Although there is an argument that services like this have negative effects on the film industry, especially when it comes to movie theatres, Çakarel feels that there is a difference in the choices people make when they decide to consume film.

“I really believe in watching movies on the big screen,” he says...."

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