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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Here Are The Services, Businesses, And Markets Apple Just Shook Up | Fast Company

BY KIT EATON | 06-11-2012 | 3:21 PM

In a mammoth two-hour keynote at its developers conference, Apple just revealed an armload of hardware, software, and services that will have execs at the companies and industries below gripping their Aerons.

One of the three centerpieces of Apple's keynote was iOS 6, which will launch with over 200 new features and will be backward compatible with Apple's iPhone 3GS--its entry level phone that dates from 2010, but is still on sale. Given that Apple teased how many users (80%) have already updated to iOS 5, versus Android's update fragmentation, this is a move to transform the entry-level smartphone market.

Apple had a deal with Google to provide a mapping solution, although it quickly went sour and Google was even said to be witholding key mapping powers like turn-by-turn and traffic from its iOS version. Now Apple has its own solution, which is perfectly tailored to its devices, and the 3-D "Flyover" feature looks like a Street View beater and probably rivals some aspects of Google Earth too. Though this doesn't directly threaten Google's ad revenue (which wasn't tied to the apps on iOS) it does set a precedent....

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