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Monday, June 25, 2012

ARG? Email scam? FBI? Quite the scenario & well written too...




 Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2012 00:34:44 +0300



 Federal Bureau Of Investigation

 Intelligence Field Unit

 William J. Green, Jr. Building

 600 Arch Street, 8th Floor

 Philadelphia, PA 19106

 Phone: (215) 550-4646




 Attn Beneficiary


 I am a special filed Agent Michael Joe Haskell from the Federal Bureau of

 Investigation (FBI) intelligence unit; we have intercepted two consignments on

 transit to you, we are legally in charge of monitoring every movement of

 consignments from one country to another, we monitor both bank to bank wire

 transaction including parcels shipped through courier companies. We initiated

 secret monitoring and checkmating of consignments after the killing of

 Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden because we seized some vital confidential

 information’s recovered from Osama Bin Laden apartment concerning how their

 Al-Qaeda organization are sponsored by mass donations, many people are

 virtually involved in sponsorship of terrorism knowingly or unknowingly since

 they participate in an unsolicited and security unchecked transactions which

 sometimes the aftermath effect of unclaimed funds becomes wheel power for

 terrorist funding.


 We scanned those consignment boxes and discovered the value is $10.5 Million

 Dollars, the backup documents has your initials as the receiver of the sum 

 contained in those boxes, your email address is used as delivery claim

 identification on the manifest booklet, your email was placed convincible on

 the consignments, investigations and interrogation carried out on the diplomat

 conveying the consignments confirmed you as the custodian which the delivery

 was rooted to you as payment presumed to be for unpaid lottery, contracts and

 inheritance .Our priorities are tactically stated below. Our inception has

 corrected worst crime situations all over the world, protecting terrorist

 attacks. Our agents are dully equipped and positioned in every airport all

 over the world, to checkmate and monitor movement of funds especially

 consignment delivery by diplomats. Al-Qaeda, an international terrorist

 network, is considered the top terrorist threat to the world, is an

 international terrorist network founded by Osama bin Laden in the late 1980s.

 They have sponsors all over the world, this is the reason why we monitor

 unsolicited monetary transactions and to ensure we enforce the wrath of law to

 any body implicated through our investigation.


 We checked all the legal documents contained in the consignments, we wanted to release the consignments to the diplomat but later find out that the

 consignments does not have two approved important documents ,1, Legal

 Authorization Clearance Certificate and Fund Acquired Ownership Certificate.

 The boxes were kept under security vault so that you will provide those

 required compulsory demanded due process documents According to section 229 subsection 31 of the 1991 joint security constitution enacted by world powers, your consignment lacks proof of ownership acquired certificate and legal

 authorization clearance certificate, you must contact us for direction and

 advise on how to secure those two essential certificates, this is the only

 remedy that will relieved you of charges of unsolicited transactions and

 consignment abandonment which is a punishable offense under section 12

 subsection 441 of constitution guiding movement funds from one country to another.


 You have 48hours to secure those mentioned certificates or face legal

 consequences defined for delivery infringement, to avoid interrogation and

 prosecution in court of law for money laundry and sponsorship of terrorism. We

 have investigative jurisdiction over every crime in the world. Also, you must

 not contact any order agency outside us, because your payment is presently

 under our custody, Please don’t respond to any FBI message without this

 security code (FBI/ MON/ COUNTER TERRORISM UNIT). We will direct you on the process of who to contact after investigation.


 NB—always be mindful of this security oppression code (FBI/ MON/ COUNTER


 Don’t respond to any FBI filed message without the code. Is important you note it.


 Yours in service


 Agent Michael Joe Haskell,

 Regional Director

 Federal Bureau Of Investigation

 Intelligence Field Unit

 William J. Green, Jr. Building

 600 Arch Street, 8th Floor

 Philadelphia, PA 19106

 Phone: (215) 550-4646


 Cc: Mr Robert Mueller ( Director FBI)

 Cc: CIA

 Cc: HSC  

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