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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Coca-Cola Joins the Revolution in a World Where the Mob Rules | Adweek

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"CANNES, France—Invoking the spirit and language of modern revolution—everything from the Arab Spring to the Occupy movement—Coca-Cola's top marketer on Tuesday explained how the company is adapting to a world of change led by the "mob" of consumers who are relentlessly sharing media across their large and growing digital networks.

In a session here at the Cannes Lions festival, Joe Tripodi, chief marketing and commercial officer at Coke, said the digital tools that are revolutionizing how people communicate require a parallel revolution from marketers trying to engage them. Mostly, he said, this means developing strongly sharable pieces of communication that generate huge numbers of impressions online—and then, crucially, lead to expressions from consumers, who join the story and extend it, and then finally to transactions, in Coke's case all under the theme of happiness and optimism.

Tripodi showed several videos of Coke content from around the world that has gone viral and created "shared value" for the company, its customers and its shareholders. They included Coke's Hug Me vending machine at a university in Singapore that dispensed cans of Coke when people put their arms around it and hugged it. The video generated more than 112 million impressions in the first seven days—high-impact results with low-cost delivery. Tripodi also highlighted the Project Connect initiative in Australia, in which Coke personalized bottles by putting common first names on them...."

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