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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Professors launch “Transmedia Indiana” project - Emerging Media Initiative


"...Journalism professors Brad King and Jennifer George-Palilonis are currently recruiting students for “Transmedia Indiana”, a year-long, interdisciplinary project in which students will create an interactive story using actual historical elements from the Indiana State Museum. Funded by a Provost Immersive Learning grant, King and Palilonis will lead a 2-semester, 50-student project team to produce two distinct products:

An interactive book, distributed on touch screen devices such as the iPad. The book will include not only traditional text narratives, but also the websites of the main characters, video blogs, and audio recordings meant to create a richer experience by bringing the characters and the fictionalized world to life.
A journalistic website that explores the truth behind the story, highlighting specific elements from the Indiana State Museum and the city of New Harmony, Indiana, the central location for the story.
In preparation for teaching the course, professors King and George-Palilonis are creating an interactive textbook that includes an introduction to transmedia storytelling and interactive fiction, as well as a step-by-step guide for building the various elements required of a story of this scope.

To learn more about transmedia storytelling, watch King’s presentation at TEDx Cincy or visit his teaching website...."

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