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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cool: Women Gamers Week: Amy Brady continues to make gaming history - National Arcade Game


by Patrick Scott Patterson, Arcade Game Examiner
September 24, 2011

"A ten year veteran in the industry, Amy Brady has built up a long resume in the video gaming world. From co-founding the Pandora’s Mighty Soldiers (PMS Clan) to her membership in the Frag Dolls, being part of the first female team to rank in a pro gaming tournament and being featured in the first season of WCG Ultimate Gamer, Brady is among the most successful female professional gamers in history.

“I have played video games as long as I can remember,” she recalled. “One of my earliest memories was my mother taking us to an arcade by our house, where I always played Pac-Man and the pinball machines. I have always been drawn to video games, and while I wouldn’t have called myself a gamer until I started playing online games I was obsessed enough to invest my own pocket money as a kid for my own games.”

The PMS Clan, a group Brady co-founded with her sister, has grown into one of the major forces in all of video gaming.

“PMS Clan is my heart and soul that was almost an accident,” Brady said. “Through my love of gaming and finding other females in the beginning of Xbox Live, PMS was born. At first, the clan was simply there for female camaraderie and to kick some butt together, but it grew into something much more than just I myself could make it. It grew into a home and a passion for thousands of other females to bond and gain support from, and that is what it continues to be....”

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