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Saturday, September 17, 2011

What's Up With Blast Theory's Location-based App? 'Using Your Phone to Participate in Movies' - Mobiledia


Props to Adipat Virdi (Transmediology) for pointing this one out - is this app being used? who's using it???

Original post by Kat Asharya, Friday Jan. 21 2011

"...U.K.-based art collective Blast Theory, which designed the location-based app for the movie, "A Machine to See With," said players register online and enter their mobile phone number to receive directions to a designated street corner. When they arrive, their phones will ring, giving them messages that lead them -- as protagonists -- through the city and into a heist, where they must deal with a bank robbery and its aftermath.

Along the way, they must deal with other players, watch out for traps and make ethical decisions that help determine the course of the experience.

"The work mixes thriller cliches with the reality of the urban environment and explores the tyranny of choice and the financial crisis," the company said in a statement. "A Machine to See With" will run throughout the course of the festival, slated for January 20 through 30 and taking place in Park City, Utah...."

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