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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Simon Pulman's Excellent Post on Facebook as a Mobile Media Platform | (Excerpt)

Storytelling and Content Potential

I’m fortunate here, in that other people have already covered many of the possibilities suggested by the new Facebook features, particularly the timeline. Ian Schafer’s piece on the Harvard Business Review site discusses them from an advertising and marketing perspective:

To make the most of Facebook’s changes, brands must:

  • Understand what the value of each kind of consumer engagement is to their business.
  • Be comfortable with the fact that they are generally not actually “managing communities” on Facebook, but rather, programming content and engagement channels.
  • Create experiences that enhance other experiences.
  • Find each and every way to ensure that as many of the right people have those experiences as possible, so they can efficiently affect their short- and long-term business goals.

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