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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Deets on IBM100 - Immersive Film/Data Viz THINK exhibit


From the site:

"Located on Jaffe Drive at Lincoln Center in New York, the THINK exhibit combines three unique experiences to engage visitors in a conversation about how we can improve the way we live and work.

Data wall

Visitors approaching the exhibit are drawn in by striking patterns displayed on a 123-foot digital wall. The wall visualizes, in real time, the live data streaming from the systems surrounding the exhibit, from traffic on Broadway, to solar energy, to air quality. Visitors discover how we can now see change, waste and opportunities in the world’s systems.

Immersive film

Inside the exhibit space, visitors step into a media field composed of 40 seven-foot screens. As the screens come to life, visitors discover a 12-minute immersive film. A kaleidoscope of images and sound surrounds them. They are enveloped in a rich narrative about the pattern of progress, told through awe-inspiring stories of the past and present. They are inspired to think about humankind's quest for progress, and about making our world work better, today..."

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