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Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Grid TO | Urban Orca's platonic ideal

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Urban Orca’s platonic ideal

New, Toronto-based social-media start-up wants to connect you with new friends—but for offline group activities, and with no sex attached.

With phrases like “Silicon Valley North” being used to describe Toronto, it’s no surprise that the city has a knack for spawning top tech-savvy start-up talent. Home to mobile development giants like Xtreme Labs, Polar Mobile and Five Mobile (who all create apps for Apple, Blackberry, Android and Windows), the city has also provided a welcoming environment for companies like the Google-acquired desktop organizer BumpTop and IBM-purchased Clarity Systems.

Now, Hesam Hosseini and Andrew Sider—two young, Toronto-based entrepreneurs—are looking to expand our conception of social media and the function it plays in our daily lives with a new downtown-based start-up called Urban Orca. Previously launched in Manhattan earlier in the summer and available in Toronto as of Sept. 15, Urban Orca’s concept is quite simple: it’s a social media site that allows like-minded people seeking social relationships to form friendships in real life. After users set up a simple profile stating their interests, the site connects similar, fun-seeking people by using a social event—like a jogging club or dinner to facilitate a Chinese-English language exchange—to get people together offline.

And though there may be some skeptics who discount Urban Orca as n

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