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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Spare Time?: Twitter Paper Toy: For The Seriously Addicted… | Bit Rebels



"So what does it mean to be addicted to Twitter? That’s a question many people have tried to answer. The scale has many ratings and what seems like perfectly normal behavior for some is considered beyond addiction to others. The fine line between these camps would be much too hard to explain, so I will restrain myself from even going further into this question.

Am I addicted to Twitter? Very much so! I am constantly tweeting, trying to come up with new ways to approach my followers, and most of all, trying to keep up with everyone that I am following so the diagnosis is quite clear. Yes, I am a Twitter addict with a constant need for more interaction. However, there are many layers of this new social networking virus, and they go way beyond the 24 hours a day that we all have been given. Either you stick to interacting and growing your online life like your real world life depended on it, or you follow the instructions that Rosaura Ochoa has drawn up, and you elevate your addiction to another, completely new level!..."

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