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Friday, September 2, 2011

LOVE: City designed in a giant river-spanning tube (Wired UK)


Excerpt from an inspiring article:

By Katie Scott. 02 September 11

"Set with the task of tackling problems of migration, lacks of shelter, lack of jobs, pollution, lack of affordable transport and the energy crisis, an Indian architectural student has designed a vast, enclosed city that spans 21km over the River Yamuna in Delhi.

Tube City was designed by Abhinay Sharma and is a multi-level, horizontal skyscraper. Sharma explained to that it saves land as it is built above the river; but also will clean the river as it uses and then recycles its waters.

The design is based around both vertical and horizontal zones enclosed by a shell. This is made up of translucent photovoltaic panels held in place by a framework of steel pylons, which also carry water from the river to reservoir of the structure.

Inside the tube, each vertical zone has a different function moving from housing at the "edge" of the city to offices. At the heart of the city is the "ITO" complex, which houses offices and commercial ventures.

Then there are the horizontal layers. On the top level, the city hosts agriculture, which uses water brought up from the river below. This layer can also host parks towards the centre of Delhi. ..."

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