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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Interview with Matthew Costello, Author, ‘Rage’ « Excerpt via Science Fiction and Fantasy Books, Graphic Novels, and More


" Matthew Costello is the author of Rage, a novel set in the same world as the new action shooter from Id Software – which Costello also scripted. Costello recently spoke with me about what it’s like to collaborate with a gaming studio on a hot new transmedia property,and how he works to ensure both gamers and casual readers enjoy his books.

The first thing that I’d like to do is compliment you on the quality of  your novel. I was only peripherally aware of the game when I started reading, but was quickly sucked in. Do you always try to write franchise novels for a general audience, or are there times when you try to narrow in on the games’ fans? How do you balance all of this out, anyway?

Thanks! As a gamer and game writer/designer, I know that a game is one thing and novel another. So I feel that what a gamer would want would be a compelling story set in a game world, while remaining very much a novel that stands on its own. I think with this writing ‘philosophy’ it means that someone who doesn’t even play games can have a rich story experience, while the gamer will feel that world, the characters, and all the story elements deepen. At least, that’s the goal!

Speaking of writing, I understand that you also wrote the game’s storyline as well. How is that kind of thing done? Is there a collaborative process between the studio and the writers? When were you brought in on the project?

That process was very much one of collaboration. Id’s Creative Director, Tim Willits, and I were working on a previous project when he asked me to come out to see what their new game engine – Tech 5 – could do . Essentially, I saw what its capabilities were, got a feel for some of the storyworld ideas that the team talked about in terms of that engine (very much SF world-friendly, with lots of possibilities for hybrid gameplay, driving, shooting, etc.)...."

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