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Friday, July 29, 2011

Message from the Colbert Super PAC (take note of the details & watch last night's show - rofl)

Dear Colbert Super PAC Members and Electoral Uruk-hai, 

On June 29th, I sent out a call. A call for all heroes to come together under the banner of Colbert SuperPAC, put some money in a hat, and then leave. And you came: over 120,000 of you joined with the goal of Making a Better Tomorrow... Tomorrow. 

But now, Tomorrow is only a Day away. The Time has come to take a Stand. For Something. We haven't figured out what It is yet. That's where You come in. 

Go to and share what matters to you most, whether it's ending poverty, designing a truly zombie-proof fortress or preserving poverty. Everything is on the table-even tables. 

Your concerns will be scientifically blended with the concerns of other Colbert SuperPAC members, then formed into a nutritious concern loaf for me to cram down Washington's gullet. 

It's like a reverse orchestra, where you're all the conductors and I'm the one musician, armed with an FEC-sanctioned violin made of money. Or maybe an oboe – that's up to you. You've made your money-voice heard, now make your mouth-voice heard. Visit 

Why are you still here? 


Stephen Colbert 

President and Chieftain of the Dúnedain, Colbert Super PAC 

Paid for by Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow
Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

Posted via email from Siobhan O'Flynn's 1001 Tales

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