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Thursday, October 14, 2010

heck out James Wilk's syllabus on the Science of Nudge - fascinating - wish I could take it.

"Change is at the center of the presidential campaign debate, and health care reform remains an urgent—and elusive—national priority. Meanwhile, a recent surge of books testifies to the need to understand key factors underlying change in society, nature, organizations and our own lives. Whether probing complexity or randomness, unraveling ecosystem dynamics, exposing self-defeating policies and actions, spotting tipping points or devising effective ‘nudges’, the search is on for ways of fathoming complex issues to achieve change effectively.

Dr James Wilk is a new Fellow of the Academy whose career has been dedicated to investigating the dynamics of change in nature and human affairs. His scientific work has yielded a rigorous approach for pinpointing tiny interventions that swiftly catalyze the precise transformation desired—with minimum resistance, effort and risk. He has wide experience applying these minimalist approaches successfully to major issues in the world of affairs, where he has long advised leading CEOs, and he has worked extensively with health sector leaders in the US and UK.

For those interested in change, whether within institutions or in the wider environment, this introductory course is a unique opportunity to explore an intriguing new scientific perspective and conceptual framework. Offered as nine lectures with seminar discussion, the course will present these ideas in depth and explore how they are applied in identifying the smallest actions sufficient to secure any given desired state-of-affairs."

Read the full course description:

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