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Friday, October 29, 2010

Pic-Nic Village launches as first social networking site for creatives

From the site:

Pic-Nic Village is a blueprint for an evolution in social networking, devised and conceptualised by Pete Lawrence and is the first social networking community for people who are passionate about creativity, innovation, ideas generation and seeking positive solutions to everyday problems.

Social Networking v1.0 brought us new ways of connecting with our friends and colleagues and opened up a whole new set of opportunities. As a v2.0 Social Network, Pic-Nic Village intends to build a unique platform where members can showcase their own talents and passions, exchange ideas and inspire others. We plan to shun the advertiser-funded model used by many social networking communities by inviting members to part own and build the community and to be central to helping it come to life.

We are inviting you to join us by becoming a Founder Member and playing an important part in helping this exciting project come to fruition using a relatively new concept called crowd funding. We believe that this will give everyone a greater sense of involvement both as individuals with a shareholding and as part of a collective.

We have started a forum for general discussion, not only about Pic-Nic Village, but about any subject that matters for you. It's free to join, so why not come and have your say about what happens next?

What the press are saying:

"This one deserves to be taken seriously" - The Register

"The first social networking site aimed specifically at the creative sector" - Music Week

"The old style of marketing and advertising is now faced with a potentially devastating competitor" - Startups

"The ethos that Pic-Nic village is founded upon should be something that's echoed in all online communications" - Reputation Online

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