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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ted Hope on: What are the biggest 3 problems in the indie film community today? | Truly Free Film

I recognize I being very broad.  To simplify what I’ve already said so far, among the biggest problems in indie film are: 1) The creators’ mindsets; and 2) the overall infrastructure from top to bottom of the industry; so what would be the third?  Why, of course, the very stuff we make.

Key insight?

"I think the biggest problem for indie filmmakers is primarily a marketing problem; filmmakers must move from creating a series of “one offs” where they reinvent the wheel each time, sourcing an audience from scratch on every new project, and instead move to maintaining an ongoing conversation with their communities. I say this is marketing, because it demands a change it what we are offering from a series of single projects, to a deeper and ongoing relationship. It requires a change of approach for all artists. We need a shift of focus and appreciation from product to process. This the problem as it is experienced on an individual basis for the creators."

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