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Friday, October 22, 2010

Insightful Post for Digital Creatives by Erin McHugh 'Werner Herzog Directs Us Into Humanity’s Past- and the Post-Digital Future

Big Spaceship's blogger Erin McHugh identifies 4 takeaways to creating digital that will connect:

1. Study people with extreme viewpoints

2. Make every decision with the design of the overall experience in mind

3. Build on the ideas of others

4. Have a point of view about what you’ve learned

Most resonant for me this am appears under 1.:

"Herzog’s mission in his career and in life is to uncover "the ecstatic truth." He speaks of the sort of unifying, underlying truth UX designers and digital strategists seek out on a daily basis, in order to provide people with experiences that are both useful and enjoyable. This type of truth is elusive because people rarely articulate their actual wants and needs when asked flat out. We need to sit back and observe to uncover them- and it’s best to zoom out when choosing whom to watch."

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