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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Nice Post from John Bennett on Power to the Pixel Transmedia: A Naive But Omnivorous Form - JawboneTV


In one of the early talks at Tuesday’s Power to the Pixel Conference, Maureen McHugh, a writer who’s worked on high-profile transmedia campaigns including Halo’s I Love Bees, declared that, “transmedia is a naïve but omnivorous form.”

Before I look at Maureen’s statement in more detail, it’s probably worth taking a little time to try to define what exactly transmedia is.

Actually, there is no clear agreement on what defines a transmedia project, though Henry Jenkins, MIT Professor and author of the canonical Convergence Culture, has defined 7 core principles of transmedia narrative.

More generally I’d argue that all transmedia properties exhibit the following four properties:

1. all platforms are considered from the inception of the project as valid vehicles to support narrative;
2. different platforms are used to tell different aspects of a story;
3. participation and sharing is encouraged (but not necessary);
4. while users are encouraged to draw connections between platforms, stories can exist separately from one another in the fictive universe.

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