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Monday, March 12, 2012

Transmedia Storytelling around the World: Christy Dena | Transmedia Storytelling Berlin


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Transmedia Storytelling around the World: Christy Dena

Transmedia Storytelling around the World: Christy Dena

In this week transmedia designer Christy Dena had to answer our questions about “Why Transmedia?”

In 2009 Christy Dena submitted her PhD titled “Transmedia Practice: Theorising the Practice of Expressing a Fictional World across Distinct Media and Environments”. You can find it online here for further research. Now she is running her own company called Universe Creation 101, where she develops creative projects and entertainment services, as well as consulting on cross/transmedia projects. On the blog You Suck at Transmedia she is sharing the real war stories, fun and sincere reflections, and the frustrating and downright bad stuff. You can also follow her on twitter, but don’t forget to read her answer to our questions here ;-)

As a researcher and creator of meaningful playful stories – why transmedia?

To be honest, I think in the beginning it was psychological. I was working on a short story for print, and decided to expand it so it continued on the web, with the chatbots. I had/have a love of both illuminated books and interactivity (especially character-based interactions), and this was a way to bring together my two loves. After years of keeping all my different interests so very separate, I felt I was becoming whole. I also love working on things that involve the writing of the map – carving out a path through things that haven’t been done before. And so I’ll always find new ways to create that challenge for myself (like my latest project, AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS).

Dena's full interview with Patrick Moller can be read here:

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