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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Christy Dena on Transmedia: Do You Go Both Ways? (Excerpt) - Meanland: Reading in an age of change

<blockquote class='posterous_long_quote'> <h2> Do You Go Both Ways? </h2> <div class="more"> Posted at Friday 16 Mar by <strong> By Christy Dena</strong>. </div> <p>"Transmedia doesn’t mean what you think it does. You may have heard of this term “transmedia,” it is one of the buzzwords that has spread through the literature, film, TV, and gaming industries in the last few years. I have. I have lived and breathed it for years, even before it was called transmedia. I’ve given hundreds of talks around the world about what it apparently is and could be. I wrote the first PhD on Transmedia Practice, where I argued it cannot be defined by an end point – projects that involve the continuation of a narrative across more than two media for instance – and instead it represents a change in the way people create.</p> <p>I therefore concentrated my education efforts on the “how to,” sharing what is needed to write and design transmedia projects. What comes into play with this too is the difficulty in working across different departments within a company, and across companies. Companies that have carved their place in the world by specialising in one artform or industry. You’re a novelist, and there are publishers, or you’re a dancer, who works in a dance company. Each of these industries has their own production processes, jargon, artistic and commercial goals, relationship with their audience, as well as politics.</p> <p>And so I spoke about this new kind of practitioner, one that creates projects that..."</p></blockquote>

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