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Monday, March 12, 2012

9 things Lady Gaga can teach us about community management | Econsultancy


Excerpt from a long fascinating piece by Vikki Chowney & well worth reading the whole post here:

"This week, Lady Gaga became the first person to exceed 20m followers on Twitter.

These are huge numbers, but volume rarely means anything on its own. The interesting point here is that this community really are her 'followers' - in namesake and in the way they respond to her.

They are more loyal than a brand could ever dream of, but there are some lessons that we can all take on board and implement when trying to build a community either online or off.

1. Look at existing behaviour and run with it

One of the biggest mistakes brands make when entering into the world of social media is a lack of response. Whether we’re talking about social customer service, or just engaging with people who love your brand, it’s very hard to do either well without there being some kind of interaction.

One of the things Gaga’s fans do regularly is to send her artwork, which she took note of, and responded by encouraging them to do so – with regular messages continuing this effort – and herself highlighting the best work.

All this leads to a stronger, more loyal relationship with her fans, since their efforts aren’t falling on deaf ears..."

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