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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Love this post from Daily Crowdsource on Five Crowdfunding Platforms for Niche Audiences

Most people that have heard about crowdfunding probably did so because of a KickStarter, Rockethub, or IndieGoGo campaign. But there are other crowdfunding platforms and communities online that, while not as big, are not only active but thriving online. Welcome to the world of crowdfunding niche projects for niche audiences.

There are several crowdfunding platforms for niche audiences worth knowing.

One is Sporty Funder, a platform created with sports in mind which allows athletes, clubs and event organizers to ask the community for funding with their sports-related projects.

Takeashine is a platform designed to help underprivileged students raise funds for their college educations.Right now, the platform is seeking funds to help five particular young students achieve their dreams of obtaining higher education. is a platform dedicated to raise funds for photojournalism projects. It allows photojournalists to pitch their stories to the community, and it allows the users to finance those stories they feel is deserving of in-depth coverage. One example of a project fully funded by the community is Portraying the Arctic, where one photojournalist will travel to the arctic region and document the changes the native population is facing.

From out of the arctic, and back onto your couch, we have 8-Bit Funding. By targeting gamers on their platform, 8-Bit Funding allows indie game developers to directly pitch their projects at those that will be later playing their games, making them the ideal investors for game development.

And then there is My Witty Games, a French crowdfunding platform created for board games projects. It allows its users to invest in board game projects as well as permitting them to discuss and edit them.

As you can see, as you browse these sites, having a focused crowd can be a boon to fundraising, and getting people to organize around their passions is not only practical but exciting way to create community.

What's your favorite niche platform?  Let us know what other crazy niche platforms you find out there on the Internet in the comments below.

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