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Friday, March 9, 2012

Nuno Bernardo: Transmedia in Documentary Storytelling | MIPBlog


Excerpt from Nuno Bernado's post on MIPblog:

"Transmedia is seen by the TV industry as a tool – some call it a gimmick – to engage young audiences around scripted formats and franchises. It’s clear that this demographic includes most early adopters of new technologies. But with the success of new smartphones, tablets and social media services, all types of audiences are getting savvier and demanding more engaging content that they can take with them everywhere.
Looking at these recent developments in technology, we’ve been diversifying our slate of productions. It’s true that ten years ago, our first transmedia project was aimed at teen girls. The reason was obvious: they are big users of social media and mobile phones and they seemed the right demographic on which to try new forms of entertainment. But since last year, we’ve been developing documentaries and factual TV series aimed at older audiences and applying our decade-long experience in transmedia product development. Looking at the spectrum of projects available, we wanted to do something different. Again, we wanted to put the audience in the centre of it all...."

full post here:

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