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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Visual storytelling app Ptch wants to give mobile content a beautiful home | Digital Trends

Molly McHugh, July 19, 2012 (Excerpt)

'From the Dreamwork's powerhouse comes Ptch, a richly visual editor that turns your images and videos into rich storyboards.

Clearly, mobile isn’t only meant for consumption. The iPhone has made us reimagine digital photography — not only how we consume it, but how we create it. Clearly the trend has proven itself; if you don’t believe me, go ask that one company that recently net itself a $1 billion price tag less than two years after it launched.

So who better than some of the brains behind Dreamworks to throw their hats into the ring? A new app called Ptch (which has been in stealth mode for the last nine months) funded by the animation company launches today that lets users create, share them, and even collaborate with other users on short multimedia pieces.
Ptch may be backed by Dreamworks but it’s operating as a standalone app, something vital to its success, in CEO Ed Leonard’s opinion. “We saw the guys really winning at this were fast moving startups that had the ability to pivot, iterate, and go after their target with no constraints,” he tells me. Initially, Leonard was simply part of Dreamworks’ effort to research the space and put the necessary pieces into place. But he got caught up in it all and attached himself to the project....'

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