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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Alt-Minds: Making "Transmedia” a Reality - IGN



by Steve Boxer July 2, 2012

"Even in this fast-moving world, in which more or less anything with a silicon chip in it is a gaming platform, you don’t often come across a game with its own neologism. So that instantly makes Alt-Minds, a collaboration between French developer Lexis Numerique and Orange, stand out. For it describes itself as a transmedia game. Admittedly, transmedia is a word that has already established itself in the lexicon – it means “To tell a single story across multiple platforms”. Which, judging by a recent demo, describes Alt-Minds perfectly.

Lexis Numerique may not be the best known developer around, but it does have a track record of making innovative adventure games – its highest-profile such effort being 2003’s In Memoriam, published by Ubisoft, and the recent PSN game Red Johnson’s Chronicles. Both games are essentially jazzed-up point-and-click adventures, and that, deep down, is what Alt-Minds is, too. It’s a popular genre among French developers, as Heavy Rain reiterated, and seems to suit the French love for the off-beat and cerebral...

...The basic plot of Alt-Minds centres on a group of five young scientists working at a foundation in Belgrade, who disappear in Ukraine – and your job, as a member of one of a pair of investigative teams, is to find them. Much of your raw investigative material will come in the form of video (shot, according to Kemal, in Russia, Ukraine, Germany and the UK). You’ll be fed info and assigned tasks by the (fictional) members of your team, although Kemal asserted that although it is designed to be a solo game, you can collaborate with real-life friends who are also playing it..."

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