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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

'White Collar' Cranks Up the Heat With Interactive Social TV Game


Excerpt via Mashable - July 10, 2012 by Christina Warren

"When White Collar returns to the airwaves later tonight, fans will be invited to go along for the ride in a new interactive social TV game.

The game and experience, dubbed Neal’s Stash, is the final stage of a multi-faceted social TV and transmedia campaign that Ford sponsored for the USA Network show.

White Collar is about the partnership between slick con man Neal Caffrey and FBI agent Peter Burke, as the two work together to solve crimes. Although Neal has seemingly put his life of cons behind him (for now), he has various’s stashes from past cons still out in the wild.

The campaign kicked off back in January with Mozzie’s Mission, a game that tasked fans with locating a hidden stash alongside Mozzie, Neal’s best friend and partner in con.

After Mozzie’s Mission, fans moved on to a new code-cracking game that into a vote for the duo to lead the final phase of the game, Neal’s Stash.

In Neal’s Stash, fans are tasked with tracking down a rare gem that was stolen from Mozzie and Neal by rival con men. Acting as proxies for the audience are a pair of Stash Hunters who travel around the United Staes searching for the missing loot...."

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