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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

NVidia presents 3D community: website with 3D trailers, clips, sports, photos


"NVIDIA brings on the first 3D Vision Community, offering users full-resolution 3D photos, movies and videos.

Here’s what many have been waiting for; NVIDIA recently unveiled a pioneer web community specifically for 3D content. is an exclusive online community, where users can enjoy and experience a gamut of 3D content on their computers. Besides streaming 3D movie trailers, clips, music videos, sports snippets, and video shots, users can also post and view high-resolution photos.

3D photos on the online community can be viewed in full color and resolution using NVIDIA 3D Vision technology, as well as in blue and red mode. Users can also avail the option of sharing their photos by making their albums accessible for private and public viewing. Sporting videos, include surfing; mountain biking; flying; and racing.

“The goal of is to create an online community where users can experience the best applications and content for 3D PCs,” said Phil Eisler, General Manager of 3D Vision. “Now photo and video professionals and enthusiasts will see the future of their profession or passion in 3D with an easy-to-use website.”

NVIDIA is the worldwide leader in 3D technology for personal computers.

NVIDIA will officially exhibit at the Consumer Electronics Show 2011 in Las Vegas this year. It will also be showcasing and demonstrating a number of new 3D Vision equipped PCs, displays and devices.

NVIDIA 3D Vision technology encompasses a rich gamut of 3D content, including 500 games; Blu-ray 3D movies; 3D photos; and video files. It also includes 3D Vision software and advanced active shutter glasses, which delivers high-resolution, enthralling 3D images that any gamer or photo enthusiast’s delight."

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